Capanni Quality
Jerusalem bell - 1987
Tradition and innovation ensured undiscussed fame to Capanni bells. Their sonority and timbre has been gaining several recognitions all over the world.

The maximum care is given to each bell. Casting is made in accordance with tradition, using old tricks learned by an age-old experienced bellfounder family. Moreover bronze is strictly melted in wood furnaces, since wood does not taint bronze purity.

Balance between basic note and resonance effects gives a musical chord which is the result of an optimal combination of power, majesty and harmony.

We can cast chaims of any tone and weight, single bells and bells to be in tune with others bells. Every casting is characterized by specific inscriptions, images and artistic decorations, that are always customized to customer's requirements.

Medjugorje bell - 1994

Capanni Foundry has a lot of already cast bells, namely new bells in various tone up to a weight of 440 Kg. This permits to have immediately suitable bells to put in existent chaims.