Famous bells

Both for amazing dimensions and high symbolic value some bells have become famous all over the world.

St. Petersglocke - Colonia - Germany In Europe one of the most well-known bell is the bell of Colonia Cathedral, the "St.Petersglocke". Cast in 1923, it weighs 24'000 Kg, it's 3,22 meters high and it has a 3,20 meters diameter.
Moreover we can't forget the "Glourious Mary" of the Erfurt Cathedral - Germany. Realized in 1947, its shape advances the modern bell shape.
In Austria we find the "Pummerin", the only bell of S.Stefano Cathedral. It was cast in 1951 to replace the former one, dated 1558, confiscated by German forces for military purposes.
France honours itself by the celebrated "Savoyard", called that way because it was realized thanks to offers made by Catholics people of Savoie.. It is placed on the bell-tower of the Holy Heart temple of Montmartre, in Paris. It weighs a little less than 19'000 Kg. Its peculiarity is the power to produce a sound lasting almost 9 minutes that can be heard up to 40 Km away. Executed in 1891 it is still today the biggest bell in France.

The biggest bell in the world - Moscow - Russian The biggest bell ever fused is the so called "Tzarina of the bells": "Czar Kolokol". Commissioned in 1730 by Empresse of Russian, Anna to a smelter in Moscow,it was finally terminated only 106 years after, by a French architect. Its realization had countless vicissitudes, but since 1836 this sounding wonder can be admired in Kremlino square, beside Moscow Cathedral, suggestively wrapped in a deep silence. It weighs 198'000 Kg, has got a 6,82 meters diameter, is 7,47 meters heigh.

Fallen bell - Rovereto - Italy
Astonishing is the celebrated "Maria Dolens" as well, the biggest bell in Italy. Dedicated to "Fallens of every Nation, who took part to the great world war 1914-1918", it is placed on Miravalle Hill, at Rovereto - Italy. Its first installation was in 1925, while the last fusion was made in 1964 by Capanni Foundry. Since then it regularly rings one hundred times every evening. It has a weight of almost 23'000 Kg, a 3,21 meters diameter and a 3,36 meters height.

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