History of Capanni Foundry

The old tradition
In the year 1846, Paolo Capanni, great-grandfather of the current owner Enrico, took over the ancient "Betalli" bell foundry, in Castelnovo nč Monti since 1500. It was the beginning of a factory which, loyally complying with its foundry tradition, proceeded side by side with time requirements, dedicating to research in the field of automation and electronics.

From the end of the Second World War on, namely after the reconstruction of the numerous bells destroyed during the conflict, we have fused more than 22'000 bells. Here now we only remember the fusion of the International Bell dedicated to people who died in all wars (placed in Rovereto - Trento - Italy), which after 40 years is still in function with the same original equipments, that we provided and never replaced. It is one of the biggest bells in the world, it weighs more than 22 tons and it regularly rings 100 times every evening.

Image: Making Rovereto bell..