Artistic Bells

Bell of Sentiments

Bell of Sentiments Our latest creation in the ambit of artistic bell is the Bell of Sentiments.
This bell is named this way because each one of the 9 colours covering it represents a different mood. Every colour emanates a different sound and tone, and it is played by a different hammer.
Bell of Sentiments at Odense The bell will be exposed until 1 June 2000 at the Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Odense (Danmark), hanging up in a frame which simulates a cathedral. It will be then moved to Copenaghen.

Eric Andersen Completed in May 1999, the bell was born from by idea of the Danish artist Eric Andersen, who explains: "This bell is devoted to basic human sentiments, such that nine individuals can use the bell's tones to share their states of mind"

Black is the Pain
White coloured the Peace
Ash is Homesickness
Love is Red.
Violet the Pessimism
Confusion is Purple
Green is Optimism.
Azure is Loneliness
Yellow is the colour of Anger.

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